Empower Live Chat and Customer Support Teams With CX Automation

By deflecting and resolving common, menial inquiries through CX automation, your live chat and customer support teams can focus on the business-critical issues that only a real person can resolve.

This not only delights your customers, but your support staff as well.

Linc Digital Workers function as First Responders to assist the end-customer on behalf of your business, offloading over 85% of eCommerce use cases.

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Seamless Live Agent Hand-Off With Customer Intent Understanding

If your customer wants to talk to a live agent, we don’t stand in their way.

Linc firmly believes that a business can only thrive if AI agents and Human agents work together through collaboration to resolve customer support inquiries. Linc’s Digital Workers leverage a sophisticated management system that monitors the intent and nuance of a customer inquiry to identify the relevant support team for handoff, whether that’s a stylist, customer support representative, product expert or any other role that may be needed.

Linc’s Digital Workers can even recognize negative sentiment or frustration from a customer to rapidly connect them with a live agent in the event they don’t wish to continue with an automated support solution.

Choose When Your Digital Workers Take The Reins

There are some use cases that will always require a human touch.

With Linc, your business can choose what customer support inquiries your Digital Workers handle and which ones they can’t. Linc’s award-winning conversational AI understands intents and context and, based on the parameters your organization sets, seamlessly involves a live agent for inquiries pertaining to billing, membership cancellations, product returns or any other situations that would benefit from a more personalized handling.

Linc provides solutions that empower and complement the efforts of your live chat and customer support teams to ensure your business delivers the best possible shopping experience.

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Support Your Live Agents At All Hours Of The Day

Inquiries flow into customer support centers 24/7/365.

While Linc Digital Workers provide on-demand, 24/7 support for your customers while also providing that same level of support for your live agents.

Whether handing off customer support cases to live agents via chat during normal hours of operation, or gathering necessary information and creating tickets for your agents after hours, your customers benefit from feeling heard and addressed immediately while your live agents benefit from the alleviation of those menial tasks that can easily be automated.

Integrate With Your Existing Customer Service Software Solutions

Linc’s Customer Experience Automation solutions are fully integrated with dozens of industry-leading Service Clouds and live chat systems. Including;

  • Salesforce Live Agent
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Zendesk
  • Genesys
  • Oracle
  • Gladly
  • Ring Central
  • Kustomer, and many more.

By integrating Linc in your existing Customer Support Software solutions, you can benefit from minimizing friction and long wait-times by resolving customer inquiries through automation.Thus reducing the amount of customer service inquiries by seamlessly supporting a wide range of service intents and questions – simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

Linc provides end-to-end customer experience support and operational efficiency from a single vendor, and while extensively integrating with leading eCommerce platforms, ESPs, shipping carriers and customer support platforms used by enterprise brands.

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Linc CX Automation Solutions.

Linc Digital Workers powered by robust conversational AI are the driving force behind our award winning CX automation solutions. Seamlessly automate the entire purchasing journey while providing an unparalleled automated shopping experience for your customers.

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