Customer Retention Digital Workers

Turn one-time buyers into lifelong customers with Linc’s Customer Retention Digital Workers. From providing a simplified reorder process and fast warranty look-ups, to creating loyalty points and streamlined auto-delivery through subscription options, Linc can help keep your customers coming back for more by empowering your business to deliver the information your customers need, when they need it, through any channels your customers use.

customer retention cx solutions

Impacts of Customer Retention Automation


More Re-Purchases Within 30 Days


Increased Opt-in rate: across SMS text 33%


Automation of All Common Inquiries

Drive Auto-Delivery And Subscription Awareness To Increase Sign-Ups

Increase retention by providing your customers with an easy set-it-and-forget-it way to continuously receive their products without having to remember to reorder before they run out. Linc’s Auto-Delivery Digital Worker understands what items are eligible for auto-delivery and will automatically prompt customers while in the order process to notify them that their item can be auto-shipped.
auto delivery subscription awareness
rapidly resolve loyalty cx solutions

Rapidly Resolve Loyalty And Membership Inquiries

Increase subscription and membership conversion by giving your customers easy access to FAQ’s and pertinent subscription information through the conversational channels of their choice.

By automating the process to deliver on-demand answers to all your customers’ questions, you can drastically improve CSAT while reducing stress within your call centers.

Provide Fast Warranty Registration And Claim Resolution

When warranty information is needed, the situation is already sensitive. Alleviate tension for both your customers and support staff by providing a streamlined warranty registration and look-up process and seamless automated claim resolution.
Provide Fast Warranty Registration And Claim Resolution

Linc Customer Experience Platform.

Linc Digital Workers powered by robust conversational AI are the driving force behind our award winning customer experience platform. Seamlessly automate the entire purchasing journey while providing an unparalleled automated shopping experience for your customers.

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