Buying Assistance Digital Workers

There are no ‘hours of operation’ when it comes to eCommerce. Shoppers research and make purchases 24/7 and expect the same dedicated service and assistance, regardless of whether it’s noon or night. Linc’s Buying Assistance Digital Workers provide end-to-end 24/7 support, 365 days a year on everything from checkout assistance, locating stores, navigating promotions, finding products, and answering all buying process questions.
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Impacts of Buying Assistance Automation


Customer Service Cost Reduction


Net Promoter Score


Automation of All Common Inquiries

Intuitive Promotion Support

There’s no second chance to make that critical first impression. Linc’s Promotion Support Digital Worker provides real-time assistance for customers to successfully identify and apply active promotions (including the automatic application of welcome codes) or provides a concise explanation as to why a code does not work in the event the promotion has expired or doesn’t pertain to specific products.
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Increase Promotion Awareness

The Promotion Awareness Digital Worker provides immediate assistance to your customers by identifying past and present promotions- reducing cart abandonment, increasing CSAT, and ensuring consumers get the value they expect–all without the need to involve a live support agent.

Provide Product Location And In-Store Availability

Sometimes a customer needs their product sooner rather than later, and just because a product is unavailable at one nearby location doesn’t mean it’s out of reach. Linc’s Product and Store Locator Digital Workers find the items your customers need, when they need them, and guide them to the nearest location that has the item in stock.

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Deliver Unparalleled Guidance

Nothing stops a sale like unanswered questions. Linc’s Buying Assistance Digital Worker leverages our innovative Conversational AI to deliver a modern communication experience that’s nearly imperceptible to a live agent. With the ability to understand complex inquiries and contextual intent, the Buying Assistance Digital Worker seamlessly guides your customers throughout the entire buying-journey conversation. 

Linc Customer Experience Platform.

Linc Digital Workers powered by robust conversational AI are the driving force behind our award winning customer experience platform. Seamlessly automate the entire purchasing journey while providing an unparalleled automated shopping experience for your customers.

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