Support Your Customers Post-Purchase

Provide your customers with post purchase order support from pre-fulfillment to post-delivery, and everything in between. Linc’s
Post-Purchase Order Support Digital Workers transcend the traditional track-and-trace capabilities of other solutions, so that you can deliver end-to-end purchase support with real-time engagement and issue resolution for every customer.

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Immediate, Proactive Updates And Real-Time Track And Trace 

Did you know that most companies only provide order support after a product is shipped? With Linc’s Post-Purchase Order Support Digital Worker, notifications are enabled from the moment a purchase is made to provide proactive communication of order status, delivery windows or delays. Customers gain valuable track and trace insight as soon as their order is processed, alleviating any anticipation about when they can expect their purchase.

real time track and trace order support with linc cx automation solutions
streamlined order modifications ans split shipment management

Streamlined Order Modification and Split Shipment Management

Linc’s integration with 700+ carriers provides support for simplified assistance with order modifications, and on-demand support through the channel of your customer’s choice for split shipments, multi-destination and combination orders, all while providing highly accurate estimated delivery dates

Empower Your Customers To Help Themselves

Give your customers the gift of self-reliance by providing fully self-service landing pages for all facets of the post-purchase journey. With the ability to resolve their own issues, your customers benefit from being able to rapidly resolve their own issues efficiently without the reliance of a live agent within the hours of your business’s operation.

empower your customers to help themselves
stress free in store pickup

Stress-Free In-Store Pickup Orchestration

Providing a stellar customer experience isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. As online shopping becomes more and more preferential, giving your customers the freedom of choice has never been more important. Linc’s Store Pickup Assistant Digital Worker makes BOPIS, BOSS and Curbside pickup a fast and simple experience with effective 2-way notification and communication options.

Intuitive Product Recommendations Based on Past Purchases

Keep your customers coming back for more with product suggestions that are custom-tailored to their personal tastes. Once a purchase is made, Linc’s Product Recommendation Digital Worker utilizes a customer’s purchase history and your best-selling items to provide personalized recommendations that are optimized for post-purchase, dramatically outperforming generic campaigns in driving revenue- all with zero additional lift from your organization.
intuitive product recommendations
streamlined returns and exchanges

Streamlined Returns & Exchanges

Sometimes a product purchased online isn’t quite what we expect it to be. Linc’s Post-Purchase Order Support Digital Worker automates the return and exchange process in a way that’s entirely controlled by your brand. Linc’s digital worker reflects your policies, adapts to your most-common reason codes and allows you to quickly resolve issues without involving a human agent and ensures customer satisfaction to drive long-term loyalty.

Simplify Your Make Good Process

Mistakes happen. But how you rectify those mistakes is what really matters. Linc’s Make Good Digital Worker replaces missing, damaged or incorrect items through a swift, automated experience that is so pain-free, your customers may forget a mistake happened in the first place.
simplify your make good process

Linc Customer Experience Solutions.

Linc Digital Workers powered by robust conversational AI are the driving force behind our award winning customer experience platform. Seamlessly automate the entire purchasing journey while providing an unparalleled automated shopping experience for your customers.

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