Why Choose Linc CX Automation Solutions?

Linc is the leading Customer Experience (CX) Automation solution built for modern enterprise retailers and disruptor brands to rapidly solve complex, high fidelity, eCommerce use cases through built-in and extensible Digital Workers, offloading 85% + of the customer experience across all conversational channels.

With the ability to resolve support inquiries through automated conversational solutions and self-service landing pages, your business can deliver anywhere-engagement and real-time services across the entire customer journey.

why linc cx automation solutions

Benefits of Linc’s CX Automation Solutions.


Results That Speak For Themselves

  • Marketing-leading automated resolution rate of over 85%
  • 90%+ Net Promoter Score
  • 26% increase in sales conversions

A Superior Business Model

  • Pre-built and bespoke solutions based on your needs
  • Dedicated support through a single vendor
  • Rapid deployment to achieve automation resolution in weeks

A Complete End-to-End Solution

  • Policy-based service engines for essential eCommerce use cases
  • AI-powered product knowledge graph based on your catalog
  • Zero-integration built in context creation and management

Purpose Built For Retail

  • Out-of-the-box support for 300+ service topics
  • Pre-trained precise natural language understanding
  • Built-in service engine for order support, promo support, and more
  • Inherent integrations with shipping carriers and leading customer support platforms

Intelligent, Proactive Digital Workers

  • Automated agents that understand complex context and intent
  • Drive revenue, customer conversions and retention
  • Collect valuable, actionable customer insights
  • Seamless handoff to live and offline agents when necessary

Explore Linc’s CX Automation Solutions

Linc’s extensive integration with leading eCommerce platforms, ESPs, shipping carriers and customer support platforms used by enterprise brands allows us to deliver proactive updates and highly accurate order tracking from the moment a purchase is made. Your customers will benefit from immediate insight to where their order is and when they can expect it from the moment their order is processed.

Meet Our Digital Workers

Linc AI-powered Digital Workers delight your customers with effective real-time resolution and engaging, individualized interaction experience. To your agents, they are both effective first responders offloading tedious support issues, and effective collaborators that pass on context and recommendations in case agent hand-off.

Discover What Linc Can Do For Your Business

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Built for Enterprise Solutions.

Enterprise Businesses Rely on Linc to Power Automated Experiences at Scale With Business Critical Reliability at the Forefront.

Built to Scale

With over 100+ pre-built digital workers and a nearly endless amount of customization options, Linc’s platform is scalable for any use case.

Best-in-Class Security

Robust 24/7 monitoring and a pre-built architecture for high-availability to ensure your CX strategy can scale.

Business-Critical Reliability

Linc Support is always on-call to ensure our systems are running so that your services remain reliable during all crucial business moments.

Privacy & Data Insights

Best-in-class privacy and safety protocols ensure the only people seeing your data are the ones that are intended to.

Pre-Built Integrations

Linc’s open API format allows businesses to easily and securely add new integrations.

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

Linc’s CX Automation platform and features are built and ready out-of-the-box for GDPR and CCPA compliance.

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