Linc Global and The Ridge Wallets


The Ridge Wallets Provides Customers With a Cohesive Purchasing Experience Across the Entire Buying Journey

The Linc platform gives The Ridge a robust yet very cost-effective customer care solution to continue to drive a more holistic customer journey, with the ability to scale to more automation in the future based on trends observed in their customer data.

“Looking at the customer journey holistically is incredibly important to us. We want the characteristics of clarity and ease that we strive for in our product development to ring throughout the entire customer journey, from website navigation to purchase to receiving the product. Linc helps us keep that customer experience seamless.”

Daniel Kane, CEO | The Ridge Wallets


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The Ridge Case Study

The Ridge Working With Linc.

The Ridge, makers of RFID-blocking metal wallets and other durable everyday products, knew that when it comes to carrying their money and cards, customers have no shortage of choices, both transform practical and stylish. To stand out from competitors, this ecommerce company needed to differentiate themselves with a truly top-notch customer experience.

The Ridge turned to Linc to help them deliver cohesion and engagement across their customer journey.

A streamlined, functional product like The Ridge Wallet called for an equally streamlined customer experience from website navigation to purchase to order delivery, which is exactly what Linc provided.

Linc’s platform enables The Ridge to provide an exceptional experience for its customers through personalized order tracking, automated chat and innovative and timely product recommendations.

Give Your Customers Order Tracking Updates With Linc Post Purchase AI Solutions

Automated Shopper Assistance Results

An easy way to stay updated on orders. Linc helped The Ridge achieve an SMS service opt-In rate of over 21%, which in turn drove a more seamless, real-time post-purchase experience for customers.

Over 33% of The Ridge’s opted-in customers also opted-in to receive marketing messages via SMS, which gave the company a new valuable point of interaction with their most highly engaged buyers.
Linc helped The Ridge improve their customer experience by allowing the company to better communicate and update their shoppers post-purchase, building the kind of customer connections that foster brand loyalty and drive higher customer lifetime value.

“With Linc, we were able to get over 25% of our entire customer base converted into SMS and social network channels where they can be connected with our brand at all times”

Daniel Kane, CEO and co-founder of The Ridge.

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About The Ridge

The Ridge is a digitally native ecommerce brand focused on designing durable, minimalist products that people rely on every day. Their flagship product, the metal, RFID-blocking Ridge Wallet, was launched on Kickstarter in 2013 and is trusted by over half a million customers to keep their cards and cash safe. Check out The Ridge website.

Linc AI Customer Service Automation Platform

About Linc Global

Linc is an award-winning automated shopper assistance platform. Recognized as the leading AI solution for customer service, Linc’s platform helps brands offer differentiating services and experiences using an automated assistant via the channels customers prefer to use including SMS, live chat, chat apps, voice assistants, web and email.