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See How Pura Vida Bracelets Achieved New Levels of Success With Linc Automated Customer Care Platform

Griffin Thall CEO and & Paul Goodman CFO | Founders of Pura Vida Bracelets, share their success working with the Linc Customer Experience platform.

How Did Pura Vida Bracelets Start?

Griffin: “We were on a surf trip to Costa Rica about 8 years ago and we found these two guys on the beach making bracelets by hand and brought about 400 bracelet with us back to San Diego put them online and put them in a couple stores and then from there the brand took off. Today we employ over 300 Artisans worldwide who make handmade bracelets as well as rings and other accessories.”

Why Did You Choose Linc As Your Customer Experience Platform?

Paul:When thinking about improving our customer tracking experience we chose Linc simply because of the the customer touch-points we had with the team at Linc.”

“In our previous experience we were working with a company that had a set it and forget it model whereas with Linc they were forward thinking, always bringing new ideas to us and really looking to further our platform.”

“With our customers it’s 16 to 24 year old’s always on their phone, always texting, always on Instagram, so we’ve actually seen a 25% Opt In rate to text message updates with their orders.”

Griffin:We want to put an ROI on any type of investment we can. With Linc right now we’re getting four times ROI which allows us to take a step back and realize that we have a trusted source like Linc that allows Pura VIda  to continue to grow.”

Paul:Linc has helped us achieve and NPS score greater than 80 which has been a huge win for our customer service team and overall as a company. I think Linc has been a huge beneficial factor in our NPS score being above 80.”

Griffin:I think for us improving the communication aspect of our brand in terms of shipping has really helped us retain customers. better its had the amount of tickets that we receive each day go down because customers are not calling and emailing asking “where’s my order” because now they have the ability to do it themselves.”

“I would recommend Linc to any other ecommerce brands that are looking to improve the customer tracking and the customer experience. I think it goes hand-in-hand you know when selling quality products and ensuring it gets there on time and then also following up with them on any post-purchase up-sells. I think if you really want to improve the customer experience it’s a no-brainer.”

Paul:The implementation process was quite simple we signed up with Linc and  from there they took it into their hands and then it was just minor changes but it was basically Linc doing all the heavy lifting”

Griffin: “Its been a seamless process from the beginning, easy implementation, great ROI, working with a great team finding new ways to add revenue by creating more products to the post-purchase experience and I think from A-Z Linc is a great product!”

Paul:I don’t think you can really get this type of experience with any other platform.”


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