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Lamps Plus Differentiates From Competitors With Linc CX Automation Solutions

Learn How Lamps Plus Seamlessly Integrated Linc Customer Experience Automation Solutions to Stay Ahead of Their Competitors.

“We see customer care automation as a vital component of being competitive and growing profitably – its a win for both our customers and our business because it helps us differentiate in the market, enhance and automate our customer communications, and reduce costs.”

Angela Hsu, Senior Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce | Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus Wins With Linc CX Automation Platform

Lamps Plus Case Study

Lamps Plus Results Working With Linc.

Customer Care Automation Results

  • Opt-in rate across SMS text and Facebook Messenger by almost 30%
  • Increased engagement: customers get more value via real-time updates
  • Improved customer experience: customers get convenience they want, Lamps Plus captures feedback

Changing Customer Expectations

Lamps Plus, the United States’ largest lighting retailer, recognized a need to take action to cement their market-leading position.

Shoppers’ buying behaviors changed, and to evolve with customers’ preferences, they needed to deliver improved customer experiences across channels that customers used more than email. Angela Hsu, SVP of Marketing and eCommerce, identified the need to provide real-time updates and answers, to deliver the convenience and accessibility that customers wanted, to solidify their loyalty.

Given consumers’ increasing preference for shopping online, Hsu saw the opportunity to improve customer communications.

For Lamps Plus, this meant establishing communication via SMS Text and Facebook Messenger. It also meant going beyond basic transform: notifications and updates to provide more convenience and meaningful value to customers

Explaining the vision behind the initiative, Hsu said:

“Customers shopping with us expect real-time updates and answers via the channels they are already using every day.”

lamps plus customer care automation results linc

Setting a New Standard in Customer Care Automation

To be competitive, brands need to differentiate in areas beyond product or price.

With Linc’s Customer Experience Automation Platform, Lamps Plus provides improvements over what is offered by competitive online retailers, and in doing so, reaps the rewards with a lift in customer engagement and satisfaction, and reductions in costs. Lamps Plus selected Linc’s CX Automation Platform to give customers a seamless experience. The CX platform leverages purpose-built automation technology and commerce-specialized capabilities, avoiding the expense and risk of a custom-built solution, and delivering results from day one.

“When customers place an order, they expect immediate updates and answers via communication methods including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant,” said Hsu. “Linc’s AI platform enables us to enhance and automate our customer communications, while reducing costs.”

~ Angela Hsu | Senior Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce, Lamps Plus

Lamps Plus Delivers an Innovative Customer Experience-1

The Linc CX Platform gives Lamps Plus an advantage, and business results.

Building Opt-In Audience: Lamps Plus gives customers the ability to opt-in to the channels they prefer to use. Across SMS Text and Facebook Messenger, the multichannel organic opt-in rate is almost 30%

Increased engagement: Customers are kept in the loop about their order, with real-time updates available via SMS text and Facebook Messenger, plus live-updating maps and order information via email and web.

Improved customer experience: Customers have the convenience they are looking for, with clarity about every order and ease of staying up to date. Lamps Plus instantly captures customer feedback from their purchase and experience and utilizes this data to continue advancing their customer care strategy.

With automation delivering results across channels, Lamps Plus is positioned to expand the services offered to customers, and increase use of 2-way conversations on voice assistant and chat platforms.

Using automation to provide real-time service to customers, while helping us reduce overhead costs is a win for both our customers and our business because it helps us differentiate in the market. We see customer care automation as a vital component of being competitive and growing profitably. We are actively working on adding additional automated services that will help further differentiate our business and elevate our brand.” ~ Angela Hsu

improved customer experience with linc cx automation platform

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